How we work.

We take as much or as little off your hands as you want. You focus on what you want to do and we'll take care of the rest.


Our CEO has been a Fractional Marketing Executive at multiple CBD brands from startup to going public. Whether it's understanding the intricacies of Facebook Ads or prepping CBD brands for large chain retail stores, we can and have handled it all. Marketing packages start at $1,500 a month.


Retailers like Wholefoods and natural grocers as well as the endless amount of mom and pop grocery stores, get inundated literally multiple times a day with a new and existing CBD companies. 90% of those CBD companies aren't even ready for retail through their packaging, their branding, or are even able to scale up to meet the needs a national retailer has. We make you ready, and we make introductions to these retailers when you're ready.


When a brand grows big enough, and that can happen quickly with just one large order, they need a warehouse. They need adequate fulfillment for these large orders, complete with marketing and display materials. They need to hire people and pay rent. With us you don't have to do any of that. We take the burden completely off of you so you can focus on what you need to. There is no cost for warehousing, just 10% for all the wholesale orders we fulfill.


This seems so easy yet it's so difficult for almost every CBD company we have talked to. An order comes in. You put it in a box and mail it out. But what goes in the box? What carrier is the safest/cheapest/most reliable? Where can and cannot you ship CBD to? How to deal with customs? So many brands don't even have real time inventory! We first set it up successfully for our clients, and now we do it for ourselves and the brands we carry. With us paying for all boxes, shipping materials, labels, etc., and with pricing at just $2 per order (most cases), this is a no brainer.

Our Process.

1 Schedule an appointment with one of our reps to see if your CBD brand qualifies.

2 Select which options above you'd like to go with, individually or all four.

3 Sign contracts, ship us your products, and we can be setup in less than a week.