Welcome to the CBD Deep Dive.

It's all about information.

Which one are you?

The process is the same, the outcome is different.

I have a CBD Brand

This is for CBD brands looking to grow. Although we discuss every part of your company, we primarily look at sales and marketing tactics--what you're doing now, what's working and what's not, and what you need to do to be scale.

I Want a CBD Brand

Are you thinking of starting a CBD brand and not sure where to begin? Through our many years of launching CBD companies, we'll share industry insights into what it takes, the products in demand, and what it takes to be successful.

The Specifics.

In this 2- to 3-hour, in-depth conversation we’ll discuss the specific value you offer, your target market’s needs, and the challenges you face. You’ll gain clarity about your message, your target market, the key-value you provide, and the top benefit your clients receive. This will be followed with an 8-10 page report (to-do list) on the items needed to create in order to make you successful. Should you want us to create these things for you, we have contractors and in-house personnel to handle every aspect of every item you’ll need to complete.

The Deep Dive Process.

1 Two hour meeting with everyone in your company that provides valuable input.

2 We need three to four days of research and brainstorming to build your plan.

3 Lastly, is a follow-up two hour meeting to deliver your report and to-do list.

Your Investment: $1,750

If you hire us to complete the tasks of your Deep Dive, a portion (or all in some cases) of this will be deducted from the future costs.