Frequently Asked Questions.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Read about our services and how we can best help your CBD business.

General FAQs:

We are a fully outsourced operations company for new and growing CBD brands. Sales, marketing, distribution, fulfillment--you name it! We can increase revenues with our commission-only sales staff and decrease expenses by letting us do the fulfillment.
There are plenty of marketing companies, and there are plenty of fulfillment centers. But we are the ONLY CBD-specific operations company that can increase revenues through our sales and distribution channels while decreasing expenses through outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment.

CBD Marketing FAQs:

Our core business and speciality has always been lead converting, search engine optimized websites. Over the many years of launching and growing CBD brands we've brought on experts in PR, Social Media, Affiliate and Influencer Marketing, Brand Strategy, and content writing.
Content marketing--a bit different than content writing--means creating original content, like blogs, articles, press releases, graphic elements, videos, etc., and sharing it in order to promote your business.

Headache-Free Fulfillment Service:

Orders processed by 2pm MST will ship same business day.

Yes! We fulfill these orders for 5% of the total cost of the order plus shipping. There are no additional costs for including marketing materials or other ancillary items within the package.

If you’re looking for this option, you may be a candidate for FA Total, where you ship us ALL your products (with the exception of some for marketing, sales and PR), we warehouse everything, fulfill B2C AND B2B orders, as well as assist with distribution. REACH OUT to us to learn more.